• Insurance for the cleaning industry – Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning


    Carpet and upholstery cleaning always carries the risk of damage being caused to the item worked upon.

    Damage can be caused by:

    • Shrinkage
    • Decolouration / Staining
    • Treatment Process

    There is also the potential issue that damage may only become apparent after an item has been cleaned, even if the damage wasn’t caused by the cleaning contractor.

    The above examples highlight the importance of having an insurance policy in place which is designed to protect the contractor for risks such as Damage to Property Being Worked Upon, or Treatment Risks. However, these covers are only available under a specialist policy for the cleaning industry.

    Standard policy wordings will often exclude “Damage to Property Being Worked Upon”, which can leave the contractor with an exposure to claims for which they would not be covered.

    Important areas for consideration:

    • Treatment Risk / Damage to Property Being Worked Upon – although this is a standard exclusion under most policy wordings, we view this as essential cover for a cleaning contractor due to the nature of the work being carried out.
    • There may be clauses in the policy which restrict cover, such as customers having to sign disclaimers. In reality these conditions can be almost impossible to comply with, however non-compliance will still invalidate your insurance and prevent claims being paid.
    • Commercial clients could also view their cleaner’s insurance policy as an easy and cost-effective way of replacing worn out carpets in a foyer, or to replace dated furniture. As cleaners frequently work outside business hours while premises are unoccupied, they are regularly accused of causing damage. The lack of witnesses can make it difficult to defend the cleaning contractor, which can result in substantial claims being made. Inadequate insurance will mean that you are liable for any costs deemed to be your responsibility, as well as any costs incurred by defending yourself.
    • The industry also carries an inherent slip and trip risk for both members of the public and employees.

    Through our many years’ experience in this industry, we are able to quickly advise, recommend and quote on a bespoke policy which will protect you (the contractor) for activities specifically relevant for the work you undertake.

    We are happy to consider and quote on virtually every type of cleaning contractor.

    It is important to take out the right cover and at the right price, so speak to a specialist who understands the industry.

    Call Andy at UK Special Risks on 01634 662913 to discuss your business, cover requirements and to obtain your quotation.

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