• The Importance of Getting the Right Insurance Cover


    Insurance is something that you may have to buy legally however you may buy it out of choice to protect yourself or belongings. It is not something that you can see or handle, which means you normally begrudge paying for it (even myself) until you have a claim which is why, though it is not on the top of our lists, it is something we have to get right.

    As market leading specialist brokers for dental laboratories, UK Special Risks understand it is important to keep up-to-date with the knowledge and the requirements of dental Laboratories and the General Dental Council. We work in hand with The Dental Laboratories Association (DLA) to ensure our clients have ample cover at a great price.

    We have worked with dental laboratories for over 17 years and in this time, have seen many claims, which is why it is so important that you review your insurances every year, ensuring that the cover you have is correct and suitable for your needs so that you are successful should you ever need to make a claim.

    Fire – We have seen a small number of major fire claims, this is mostly caused by machinery catching alight normally due to them not being well maintained, switched off or cleaned – it is in fact a legal requirement to have your air compressed machinery annually inspected and evidence held for this.

    You must make ensure that you have told us the correct levels of cover that you require before the inception of your Laboratory insurance as if you say you have £5,000 worth of stock and you in fact have £20,000 this means you are underinsured and the insurers are unlikely to pay the full amount of the claim in the event of a fire.

    Theft – We are seeing an increasing amount of theft claims now which is why it is so important to have the correct level of security on your laboratory – annually maintained alarms, doors with 5 lever mortise deadlocks and lockable windows are the standard level of security we like to see – anything more than this is well received with our insurers.

    It is Ecclesiastical that underwrites our dental laboratory insurance policies and they are a not for profit company meaning that in the event of a claim, you are more likely to get the full support that you will so vitally require.

    New For Old

    Most of us assume that, if we need to make a claim on our laboratory insurance, our insurance company will pay out enough for us to replace the damaged, destroyed or stolen items – this isn’t always the case which is why our policies provide New for Old insurance.
    New for old insurance gives you peace of mind that if an item is damaged beyond repair the insurer will pay out to replace it in full. Even if the exact item is no longer available, you should still receive enough for you to buy a new, similar item.

    What affects an Insurance Premium?

    We work with premiums that start from as little as £305 however this may change if you require a lot of contents, stock and equipment cover – essentially the more cover you require the more likely the premium will increase.

    Another factor is post codes and area ratings, each post code has its own category rating from 0 to 99, if you are at the lower end of the scale then this is deemed as a lower risk therefore lower premium whereas a 99 postcode may be in a high flood risk area or it may have had an increase in theft claims.

    Insurance Premium Tax has also increased this year, also known as ‘IPT’. This has increased from 10% to 12% meaning it will affect your insurances, from your car insurance to your Laboratory insurances – it is expected that the average family will be paying £47 more a year as a result.

    Insurance is tedious.

    I understand this, however if you do not have the right cover and you do not get all of your belongings back in the event of a claim then those thirty minutes on the phone or in a meeting may not seem so tedious after all.

    Should you have any questions about your existing insurance policy, whether it be with UK Special Risks or not, please do not hesitate to contact me on 01634 662948 or email cstillwell@ukspecialrisks.co.uk.

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