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    Insurance is not the most exciting topic for discussion, however it is something that is almost universally held and subsequently paid for. With this in mind, it can be helpful to have a basic understanding of what it is and how it works.

    Each industry is different when it comes to business insurance, which is why we choose to be a specialist broker. This means we endeavour to learn and understand your industry so that we can apply this knowledge to commercial insurance products and markets, but we often need your help to do this. With all industries constantly changing and progressing, we rely on you to inform us what processes are being used so that we can advise you on the most appropriate insurance cover.

    We like to make insurance as clear and understandable as possible. Using jargon doesn’t make anyone look clever and can even indicate a lack of true understanding. I will demonstrate this with a couple of points which are pertinent to a window cleaner’s insurance policy:

    Window Cleaning Kit Fitted to Vans – Many window cleaners have kit fitted to their vehicles, such as tanks and poles. When they are fitted to the vehicle, they become vehicle modifications and need to be disclosed as such. Make sure you have arranged either a Commercial Vehicle or Motor Fleet policy including specific mention of the fitted equipment and its value. If you neglect to tell them of the modifications, your insurer may refuse to pay for the loss of equipment if the vehicle is stolen. Worse still, they could refuse the claim entirely.

    Damage to Property Being Worked Upon – Public Liability policies would ordinarily exclude cover for the item being cleaned, however specialist polices will include this. Due to the nature of your work as window cleaners, the items being cleaned are easily damaged and it’s not uncommon for accusations to be levelled for all damages that appear.

    Other key areas to consider:

    • Work at Heights – Does your policy have a height restriction? Do you ever exceed this?
    • Per-person (per capita) rated policy – Do you have cover for the correct number of staff?

    I would be delighted to quote on your insurance, and I am always happy to give free advice and answer any questions regarding the above.

    Andy Chibeba ACII

    First Insurance Solutions

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